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"As young people who want to change the world and have an influence on everything that's happening we need to know how to code...We're learning the language Python and its really exciting" - Mary-Anne 
"I was really excited to learn how to [code] because there are so many things you can do with it and I really want to help somebody with it once I've mastered it." - Jenniffer
"My favorite part about coding is making mistakes and then figuring out what's wrong and fixing it... One thing I've learnt is that you will make mistakes along the way but it is very possible to fix them."- Idai
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The 2018 ZimboPy Mentorship kicked off today with over 50 girls signing up to attend! The ZimboPy team partnered with Developer Circles from Facebook: Harare and Impact Hub Harare to host our two day in person mentorship week session.

ZimboPy recently hosted Florian Roesslar a Sandtable data scientist based in the UK as he conducted a Raspberry Pi workshop for our students.  Florian was joined by Roman a physicist from France but based in the UK. We were very excited to collaborate with the Harare Institute of Technology Python Coding Club to host the workshop.


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Spring Mentorship Week 2018



Marlborough Ln, Harare, Zimbabwe